How to order municipal documents online?

novembre 25, 2023



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How to order municipal documents online?

How can Moroccan citizens around the world obtain their documents online?

More than 1500 municipalities in the Kingdom of Morocco, as well as all the consular registry offices in all the representations of the Kingdom abroad, currently have a very efficient tool to access their documents online and receive them by mail and email by paying a very modest fee compared to the service provided.

Morocco has recently set up an online platform where the applicant only needs to fill in a form and pay a few dirhams online. It does not matter if they are inside or outside the country, they must be registered at the civil status office inside the country or at a consulate.

They will receive all the documents they need, such as the birth certificate or the full copy etc.

This is a very efficient service and very useful to all those who live or work far from their place of birth, especially Moroccan residents abroad.

You might as well take advantage of it. 


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